Triple Glazing

Superior triple glazed glass insulation for your home. Now is the time to think about the benefits of superior triple glazing insulation.

Here at Hagley Windows and Doors, we are New Zealand window glazing specialists. We know the climate and specialise in providing the right solution for your home.

What is triple glazing?

The premium insulating properties of triple glazing come from three panes of glass sealed within the window frame. Thi provides more effective insulation against cold and noise than single or double glazing. In our triple glazed units, there are two controlled spaces up to 20mm filled with argon. This dramatically enhances the thermal performance of the glazing compared to double, with only one controlled space.

Why triple glazing?

We have seen the performance progress of glass go from single to double and more recently double with the inclusion of high performing Low E. Triple glazing is the next step on the performance ladder and with adding our Low E Supreme to one or even two panes we now sit alongside some of the most advanced European standards.

  • Warmth. Triple glazing will allow the free solar energy into the home like other glazing’s but minimise the thermal loss when it gets cold outside. You will therefore have more area inside your home that is warm for longer periods.
  • Comfort. In NZ double glazing is recognised as the minimum standard for new windows, however the NZ climate is quite different depending on the location. To be comfortable most areas need more than the minimum and triple glazing will make quite a comfort difference in a colder climate.
  • Environment. Triple glazed windows are more energy efficient than double and single-glazed windows, significantly reducing the amount of energy necessary for maintaining a comfort level in your home.
  • Noise absorption. Close the window to peace and quiet. With triple glazing, noise has to overcome three glass panes as well as two gas-filled voids. Triple glazing reduces the effects of noise pollution in your home, making it a quieter and more relaxing place to be.

Industry Leading Technology

All glazing from Hagley comes with the added addition of warm edge spacer technology at no extra cost. The TriSeal Super Spacer we use is one of the most advanced solutions available in terms of optimised energy savings, substantially reduced perimeter condensation and because of its application method is very straight compared to other ‘thermal’ solutions.

The properties and performance characteristics of this spacer are so good it receives Passive House phA+ certificate for Artic Climate. This greatly assists in eliminating the weak point of insulated glass units in an industry dragging the chain still using aluminium spacers.

Added Extra

High performing products like our Low E Supreme should be mandatory with triple glazing. You can have up to three skins of high performing product incorporated into the triple glazed unit.

Thermal Resistance

The effectiveness of triple glazing is measured by the Thermal Resistance or R Value. The higher the R Value, the more thermal resistance the glass has, and the more effective it will be as an insulator.


Finding the right frame to carry triple glazing is a vital consideration. Often the frame can be the weak point for thermal performance. We recommend our Klima uPVC frame which offers a complete thermal solution with a glazing pocket of up to 51mm which is ample to carry triple glazing.

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