Sliding Doors

Sliders are a versatile and economical door type for seamless wide access to deck, patio and garden areas.

Standard sliders open up half of the frame width and have one panel that slides and stacks over the other. 
Duo-sliders are an excellent choice where extra-wide openings are needed as they open up two-thirds of the frame width, having two panels that slide in the same direction to stack over a third panel. Duo-sliders also offer a double-size six-panel configuration, with two panels sliding in one direction to stack while the other two slide and stack in the opposite direction.

A pair of duo-sliders can be used to meet at a 90-degree corner without the necessity of a corner post. This allows the whole corner of the house to be left open for unimpeded views and access.

The best sliding doors feature a flush-line sill inside and out for sleek good looks, and easy-glide mechanisms to effortlessly slide the heavier, modern double-glazed doors.


  • Large glass panels and narrow frames maximise views when closed
  • Customise to any width and height
  • Flush sills increase indoor-outdoor flow
  • Option to slide away into a wall cavity or over the exterior to open up living spaces
  • The sliding panel/s can be internal or external depending on the range.

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