Glass considerations

The glass in your windows and doors can enhance many aspects of a comfortable home. Considerations include light entry, heat retention in winter, condensation reduction, sound dampening and fading control.

We offer glass options to address each or all of these aspects. It is now a requirement for most New Zealand homes that windows and doors have double-glazing.

Triple glazing

Superior glass insulation for your home. Is it time to renovate? Are you building your dream home?

Now is the time to think about the benefits of superior insulation in your home.

Here at Hagley Windows and Doors, we are New Zealand specialists. We know the climate here, and we specialise in providing the right solution for your home.

Double glazing

Double-glazing offers heat retention in cold conditions, and sound dampening from external sources. Most homes are now required to have double-glazing (IGU’s – insulated glass units) for energy conservation purposes. Increased IGU effectiveness is possible through the use of argon gas fill and low-e (low emissivity) glass.

Tinted and reflective

Tinted and reflective glass allows control for light, UV entry and solar heat gain. Tinted glass is available mainly in grey, bronze, green and blue and achieves its performance by absorbing solar energy.

Reflective glass has a special surface coating and has a superior solar control performance to tinted glass. Its mirror-like appearance may not be desired in some situations.

Glass options

Glass selection allows variations in pane thickness, glass surface coatings, glass colourants, IGU air gap width, IGU gas fill etc. There are also options for safety glass, with the choice being between a toughened glass and laminated glass. All of the options offer different properties relevant to thermal and acoustic performance, light and UV entry.