Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can slide vertically up and down or horizontally across the window frame.

Sliding windows typically slide horizontally like a sliding door, but there are limited options for windows to slide vertically up and down, rather like the old sash windows.  These vertical sliders include a single-glazed option (Shugg) without any visually-distracting frame between the overlapping panes of glass that obscures the view, but their usage is limited in the South Island where double glazing is effectively now mandatory.

Horizontal sliders are ideal for use in kitchens, serveries, or where no obstruction is preferred on the outside. They come with an option of one panel sliding over a fixed panel, or panels set in parallel tracks to allow them to slide in either direction.


  • Ideal for large spans and servery windows
  • Large glass panels and narrow interlocking frames maximise the view
  • Available in bi-parting or stacking configurations
  • The sliding panel/s can be internal or external depending on the range.

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