Awning style windows are a type of push-out window, vertically-hung and hinged at the top to swing out. These come in a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Because of their strong profiles they’re ideal for carrying ThermalHEART double-glazing technology.


Casement windows are also push-out windows, hung horizontally and hinged down one side. These come in a range of shapes, sizes, and configurations. They are also ideal for carrying ThermalHEART double-glazing technology.


Bi-fold windows completely clear the window frame to obtain views or link with the outside. To avoid exterior obstruction, layback bi-folds which fold back flush against the wall, are available in 2-panel and 2-plus-2 configurations. ThermalHEART is available in Vantage Residential and Metro Series without layback variant.


Sliding windows can slide vertically up and down, rather like the old sash windows, or horizontally across the window frame. Vertical sliders include a single-glazed option without any visually-distracting frame between the overlapping panes of glass that obscures the view.

Horizontal sliders are ideal for use in serveries or where no obstruction is preferred on the outside. They come with an option of one panel sliding over a fixed panel, or panels set in parallel tracks to allow them to slide in either direction.


Hagley Windows and Doors can manufacture custom-designed windows to your architectural plan for a special effect. These can include louvres, curved, raked, or faceted glass, and glass blocks. Talk to us about your bespoke glazing requirements.


We can make roof windows or skylights to bring light into hallways and darker areas. You can have fixed or opening roof windows, and all come with self-cleaning exterior glass. Opening skylights are custom-made and not limited by size or shape. We recommend ThermalHEART for all roof windows for its insulating properties.