Bi-Folding Windows

Bi-fold windows completely clear the window frame to obtain views or link with the outside.

To avoid exterior obstruction, layback bi-folds which fold back flush against the wall, are available in 2-panel and 2-plus-2 configurations. ThermalHEART is available in Vantage Residential and Metro Series without layback variant.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for wide openings
  • A wide range of configurations available
  • An in-frame track provides optimum panel support
  • For uncluttered decks a lay-back option allows panels to fold back against adjoining walls – available in 2-panel and 2+2 formats (Note: facing has to be within 15mm of final finished cladding line in order to achieve 180° opening).

Design Considerations:

  • Careful consideration of bi-fold use is required when projecting on to decks or pedestrian areas, unless a lay-back option is being used. Consider the ease of reaching to the bi-fold handle if the window is placed beyond a bench
  • A good option for maximum views and ventilation but need to be monitored if windy conditions occur
  • Free-swinging single panels not recommended

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